Socio-environmental programs


Over a long period of history, civilizations have expressed a marked concern only with the economic bias of development, but with the revision of the current unsustainable patterns of production and consumption, social and environmental aspects are being increasingly placed on the agenda, generating numerous reflections on the importance of an environmentally correct and socially just society.


CANOPÉE wants to implement a conscious management of the system, to raise the levels of social and environmental development, offsetting the negative impact through a virtuous circle based on Brazilian green capital.

Perspectives of Sustainability


Practices that aim to reduce the impact of man on the environment, as a way to guarantee the future for the next generations.


Practices aimed at the economic development of the country, preserving the environment and ensuring the maintenance of natural resources.



Practices that aim to improve the living conditions of the population in a sustainable way.


Practices aimed at recognizing the diversity of peoples’ customs and traditions.

Social and Environmental Responsibility in Companies and Institutions


Today’s society encourages companies in all sectors to make new commitments that go beyond economic goals.


In Brazil, 87% of consumers prefer to buy products or hire services from sustainable companies and 70% do not mind paying more for it. The expressive numbers demonstrate the importance of integrating socio-environmental responsibility into the strategic planning of organizations for their success and survival in the market. The Sustainable management, adopting and stimulating habits with less impact on the environment, brings with it a great competitive advantage.


Social and environmental responsibility allows companies to obtain higher profit margins, while the environment is properly protected, a positive context for all parties involved.

Environment protection

Customer satisfaction

Social and Environmental Well-being

Collective Benefit


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