It is a simple compensation solution. Canopée analyzes your needs and objectives to define which type of CarboReal is the most suitable to meet your request. Each CarboReal is unique and certified by Bureau Veritas.


A CarboReal corresponds to a ton of carbon sequestered.


So Canopée will make available the number of tokens (1 token = 1 CarboReal) requested, and each token has a unique tracking number via blockchain containing all the information related to that CarboReal (data + images).


Tokens can be issued on various stock exchange platforms and can be used to offset their issues or as a financial asset.


Canopée guarantees 7 years of CO2 storage for each token purchased. The duration of the warranty can be adjusted upon request.


Therefore, CarboReal allows you to benefit from all possible rights on the corresponding compensated tons of CO2, have permanent access to your forest data and images, and sell your tokens to third parties, if necessary, thanks to their total liquidity.


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